Earlier this year, we had the honor of documenting Herbert’s proposal to Jennifer. The fun part about documenting proposals is being stealthy, slick…kinda like a spy. And when people don’t recognize who you are, it makes the job a bit easier because be can literally be next to our subject without them knowing it. Several […]

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Oh these two, Reina and Brian. They’ve known each other for almost two decades with shared connections through their involvement in the Greek circle in college¬†along with mutual friends and colleagues. However, it wasn’t until many years down the line Reina and Brian connected over a friendly online chat and an awesome first date to […]

It’s been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce that we started a travel blog! We’ve been working on the content for quite sometime and we just didn’t know how to organize everything we’ve experienced. We’ve transferred some of our past posts into this new site and with so many places to […]