Our Sweet Ada…

Dear Ada,

One month ago today, you have left our world and entered one with your brother Tobey. Losing you has been tough to grasp so it took us awhile to jot down our thoughts and memories so we’re finally getting around to it now. A year ago, we lost your sidekick Tobey. Since then we’ve learned to pick-up the pieces and move forward. For more than 12 years, you served as our protector, guardian, and friend. Since Tobey, we tried to prepare ourselves for your grand exit. Over the past year, we celebrated you turning twelve. Along with your sister Bessie, we traveled to Mammoth, Big Bear, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley, and so much more. Any opportunity we had, we took and didn’t want to take our remaining time left with you for granted.

You were such a little itty bitty pup when we took you in at eight weeks and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. After a couple of torn sofas, countless door frames, and many many right side flip flops – we still kept you and knew you needed a life partner to navigate life with and thats when Tobey came in. Tobey was your sidekick – you guys ran, swam, and hiked everywhere together. You guys had a bond like no other and what has comforted us all, is that you and Tobey are finally back together again.

Since your official diagnosis, we lived each day to the fullest while balancing your well being. Not easy when we continually want to spoil you! We frequented your favorite spots, toted you around in your red wagon just so you didn’t have to struggle and also so you can join in on the fun. Once we saw your energy slow down, we knew we had some difficult decisions to make for you. We kept holding on; hoping that you would make a miraculous turn like you have in the past and waited for signs. Occasionally, you being the strong girl that you are – you would pop up and give us your smile. But as you grew weaker, we knew deep inside it was time to say farewell and let you go.

Bessie misses you so much Ada. After all, she was your BFF for this past year.  Thank you for everything, Ada. We have so many memories and photos to last more than a lifetime. What made you so special is that you loved us every single day no matter what kind of mess you got yourself into. A heart as big as yours is so rare. For almost 13 years, you’ve been through every part of our relationship – good and bad and with you gone, it feels like a piece of us left with you too. Ada, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. We miss you every day and we are truly the lucky ones to have been a part of your journey.

Love you always.
February 28, 2004 – October 18, 2016

Below is just a glimpse of our journey with Ada – many of these photos took place during our final year with her.

TobeyGoldenRetriever_10 TobeyGoldenRetriever_09 TobeyGoldenRetriever_04

TobeyGoldenRetriever_17 TobeyGoldenRetriever_16 TobeyGoldenRetriever_15

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Our Sweet Ada…